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Cooper Bussmann Industry's First Modular Knifeblade Fuse Blocks

New Knifeblade Fuse Blocks Offer Application Flexibility and Enhanced Safety
Cooper Bussmann, the industry leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, has developed an industry first with its new modular knifeblade fuse blocks. Offering greater application flexibility and enhanced safety, the new Class R, H(K) & J knifeblade fuse blocks feature an innovative snap-together design for easy assembly of required poles at point of application and optional high-clarity finger-safe covers across the entire product line. They are ideal for panel builders, processing and machinery plants, as well as HVAC and critical power applications.

The all new knifeblade fuse blocks offer a set of advantages unmatched in the industry. In addition to the snap-together one-pole versions, factory assembled two- and three-pole configurations are available. Optional high-clarity, see-through, finger-safe covers feature test probe holes, making routine maintenance safe, quick and easy. Wire terminations inspections or thermography measurements are done without ever opening the cover. Built in standard barriers between poles further enhance safety.

“Our new knifeblade fuse blocks are an industry first, combining modularity and ease-of-use with highperformance and increased safety,” said Ivo Jurek, group president, Cooper Bussmann and Cooper Power Systems. “This means our end-users can rely on Cooper Bussmann to introduce innovative solutions for increased productivity and safety. Our knifeblade fuse blocks are just one more way Cooper Bussmann delivers Protection Made Simple.”

In addition to modularity and safety, the new knifeblade fuse blocks also offer the industry’s best ratings.

Ahead of the competition, all fuse blocks meet UL creep and clearance requirements for Industrial Circuits (UL 508, UL 845). Additionally, blocks rated 200A and above also meet the higher UL Industrial Power Distribution Standards (UL 98, UL 67, UL 489, UL 891 and UL 869A).

Additional benefits of choosing the new Cooper Bussmann knifeblade fuse blocks include a lockout/tagout feature on the covers that improves safety, finger-safe wire entry cutout tabs for larger wires, and an optional blown fuse indicator on the covers that speeds up troubleshooting.

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