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The EATON's Cooper Bussmann brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks as well as engineering, training and testing services.

EATON's Cooper Bussmann is the leading source of circuit protection solutions in the global marketplace. Its solutions are listed for use around the world including meeting agency requirements with UL、CE、CSA、IEC、BS、VDE、SEMKO, and JIS. Worldwide, EATON's Bussmann (Cooper Bussmann) employs more than 5,000 electrical, mechanical, and applications engineers, along with manufacturing, and support personnel-all of whom are poised to service your local needs. Bussmann is headquartered in Shanghai, China, has marketing, sales, technical support, production departments and other operations. We offer fast and timely service to China along with the whole Asia customers.

With more than 75,000 products, EATON's Cooper Bussmann is the single source for a complete line of circuit protection. The EATON's Cooper Bussmann product breadth falls withing the following categories: power fuses, Electrionic-PC board and small dimension fuses, Fuseblocks, holders, and disconnect switches, Semiconductor fuses, Medium-and high-voltage fuses and fuselinks, High speed fuses, Telecommunications protection, International standard industrial fuses, Fuse accessories, displays, kits, Fuse technology, Power magnetics, Supercapacitors, Terminal blocks, Automotive fuses and circuit breakers.

Electrical and electronic systems will overload the circuit conditions there,Like people, like over-exertion. The EATON's Cooper Bussmann team works everyday to provide you with innovative protection from it. As one of the leading producers of fuses and fusible protection solutions, EATON's Cooper Bussmann provides you with clear, leading-edge solutions to circuit protection and control problems. And its solutions are so comprehensive that you won’t have to worry about personal circuit overload either.

EATON's Cooper Bussmann provides the industry standard for circuit protection with its growing inventory of more than 75,000 fuse types, fuse holders, terminal blocks, voltage surge protectors, inductors, and miniature transformers to provide quality power. From the main electrical supply in multi-story buildings and industrial complexes to printed circuit boards in electronic products.EATON's Cooper Bussmann develops complete solutions for the global marketplace. Developing and supporting EATON's Cooper Bussmann fuse technology is a team of skilled and responsive people-all of whom work together to exceed the needs of their customers.

Electrical UL Products for North America

EATON's Cooper Bussmann circuit protection products and services focus on downtime reduction, workplace safety and Code compliance for the industrial/MRO, OEM and construction markets.  From electrical power fuses to fuse blocks and holders and engineering services, the EATON's Cooper Bussmann brand stands for Productivity Through Protection™.

Electrical IEC Products for Worldwide Application

EATON's Cooper Bussmann products protect electrical and electronic circuits: low voltage, medium voltage and high speed fuse links, fuse holders and fuse gear. Our products meet agency requirements and international standards: IEC, VDE, DIN, UL, CSA, BS.

Electronic Circuit Protection Products

EATON's Cooper Bussmann electronic and electrical fuses are designed to IEC and UL standards for overcurrent protection in surface mount, thru-hole and traditional ferrule fuse packages.  EATON's Cooper Bussmann ESD suppressors protect sensitive electronic devices and data ports for overvoltage events. Applications include PDAs, automotive instrument panels, notebook computers, battery packs, motor control circuits and mobile phones.

Consumer Aftermarket

The EATON's Cooper Bussmann consumer/aftermarket business unit serves automotive and hardware/home centers with circuit protection products and accessories.

OEM Transportation

EATON's Cooper Bussmann Transportation products provide circuit protection, power distribution, and power monitoring and management for transportation OEMs.


EATON's Cooper Bussmann engineering, training and testing services provides downtime reduction, workplace safety and Code compliance.

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