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Cooper Bussmann Photovoltaic Solutions Provide Superior Protection for Solar Power Applications up to

Cooper Bussmann combiner boxes and fuses (up to 1500Vdc and 630 amps) make it easy to design and protect solar power systems with greater economy and efficiency.
Complete photovoltaic system protection is now available from a single source.  Cooper Bussmann, the industry leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, provide a complete line of solar power products including turn-key combiner boxes, PV Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), lightning arresters, wireless monitoring, and overcurrent protection for systems from 600Vdc to 1500Vdc in ratings from 1 to 630 amps.  Offering both overvoltage and overcurrent PV-specific components makes it simple to protect all points in the  Balance of Systems. 
Overvoltage surge protection is made simple with the only true UL 1449 3rd Edition DIN-Rail mount two- and three-module SPDs for systems up to 1200Vdc. All models have patented fast-acting SCI technology that eliminates the need for additional fusing. The optional remote signaling easily integrates into any monitoring system, while local easyID™ indication shows the surge module status at a glance. 
All surge modules have a rejection feature that prohibits installation of an incorrect rating. And for lightning protection on systems up to 1000Vdc, the Lightning Current Arrester has encapsulated sparkgap technology to protect the PV cells, strings, arrays and inverters in case of direct or indirect lightning strikes. 
Superior overcurrent protection for many applications is provided by a wide range of UL 2579 standard fuses designed specifically for PV applications. 600 Volt systems benefit from the PVM midget fuse in ratings from 4 to 30 amps, while the Class RK5 PVS-R protects circuits from 20 to 400 amps. 1000Vdc and 1100Vdc systems benefit from the protection offered by the 10x38mm (1 to 20 amps) and 14x51mm (15 to 32 amps) Solar PV fuses that easily integrate into system designs with ferrule, PCB and bolt mounting options. For higher ampacity needs on 1000Vdc systems there is the NH1 size with ratings from 32 to 160 amps. 
For systems up to 1500Vdc, Cooper Bussmann offers industry leading protection with its 14x65mm and XL size 01, 1, 2 and 3L fuses. The XL Series delivers protection from 63 to 630 amps while the smaller 14x65mm ferrule fuse comes in 15 and 20 amp ratings along with tag and 10mm fixing mounting options. These industry leading 1500Vdc fuses allow designers to create higher voltage systems that are more efficient and use smaller conductors for greater economy. Both the XL Series and the 14x65mm fuses are UL, CCC and IEC (gPV) certified to support a global application design to remove additional certification requirements. 
Beyond components, Cooper Bussmann offers a variety of fusible combiner box configurations up to 1000Vdc with a 50kA IR. These solar combiner boxes provide the ultimate in protection. End users can quickly and easily specify configurations that protect and connect 2 – 24 PV strings or arrays with complete flexibility in enclosure types and fusing options. Whether standard, compact or with integrated disconnect, all configurations are ETL Listed to UL 1741 and include IP20 finger-safe CH Series modular fuse holders for added safety.   
To monitor your system wirelessly, the Cooper Bussmann Smart Wireless Combiner Box and System Software provides a complete solution, integrating world-class electrical products with robust and reliable industrial wireless mesh networking. The Smart Wireless Combiner box interfaces to an industrial-grade monitoring and control system, purpose-built for solar applications and engineered to maximize solar efficiency in grid-tie applications.  
The solution monitors individual string currents, busbar voltage and temperature, and has the capability to interface to a weather station to provide ambient temperature, wind speed, humidity and solar irradiance. Minimal power is required, and is derived directly from the busbar voltage through a 600V to 24Vdc converter. The additional battery backup ensures continuous operation, even during the night.  
“Our team has worked diligently to develop a full line of proven PV solutions that guarantee superior protection for all solar systems and with our new 1500Vdc fuses, we provide industry leading overcurrent protection technology that allows design engineers to develop new, higher efficiency systems with greater economy,” said Ivo Jurek, Group President, Cooper Bussmann and Cooper Power Systems. “And, thanks to our wide range of products, choosing proven, precise protection solution from Cooper Bussmann means choosing a partner that can satisfy all Balance of System requirements.” 
Rounding out the Balance of System components for photovoltaic systems, Cooper Bussmann also offers a wide selection of 600 volt power fuses, high speed fuses, medium voltage fuses, IEC and UL surge protective devices, fuse holders and blocks, power distribution blocks and accessories to complete and protect any PV system installation.