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Cooper bussmann Fuses Made Simple™ Program Speeds Up Fuse Specification and Selection

Bussmann division’s new, simplified platform places UL branch circuit fuse portfolio into three tiers of protection and four fuse families based on key performance and protection
Power management company Eaton has announced that its Bussmann division recently introduced its Fuses Made Simple™ program, making it easier for users to select and specify the right fuse. A leader in critical circuit protection, the Bussmann division developed the new, simplified platform by grouping the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) low voltage, branch circuit fuse portfolio into three tiers of protection and four fuse families—all based on key performance and protection characteristics.
“We are focused on making our products and business processes simple for our customers,” said Todd Lottmann, product line manager, Eaton’s Bussmann division. “We are proud to roll out Fuses Made Simple, which is not only the easiest and fastest way to choose the right fuse, but also ensures that the proper fuse will be selected for replacement by color coding our fuses by performance characteristic.”
The new Bussmann division Fuses Made Simple program groups the low voltage branch circuit fuse portfolio into three tiers of protection. Each tier offers distinct levels of performance benefits to help customers speed up specification and selection, while clearly identifying the level of protection. Protection tiers include:
• Ultimate Protection provides worry-free protection in virtually any application. The unique, dual-element construction delivers a powerful combination of all performance characteristics in one fuse, including fast short-circuit protection and current limitation,as well as time-delay performance, with up to 300 kiloampere (kA) interrupting rating that can safely interrupt the highest levels of fault current to be encountered.
• Advanced Protection delivers application-specific performance for sensitive devices and critical components, such as motors and transformers. Users can choose either fast short-circuit, current-limiting performance or energy-efficient, time-delay, currentlimiting performance based on protection needs, all with 200kA interrupting ratings.
• Basic Protection meets the basic circuit protection needs for service, feeder and branch circuit applications with up to 100kA interrupting ratings.
Inside these three protection tiers are four distinct fuse families, 
each represented by a unique color: Low-Peak™ (yellow), Fusetron™ (green), Limitron™ (black) and General Purpose (gray). These colors visually communicate the performance benefits of the fuse families and eliminate confusion during the fuse selection process.
• Low-Peak (yellow) fuses deliver 50 percent more protection than any other UL or Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Listed fuse at 300kA interrupting ratings*.
• Fusetron (green) fuses are 23 percent more energy efficient** and provide the best time-delay performance.
• Limitron (black) fuses feature 10 times better current limitation than basic circuit breakers or fuses***.
• General Purpose (gray) fuses provide basic overcurrent protection.
Every fuse in the Fuses Made Simple program clearly and consistently displays critical fuse information—including the part number, amp rating, voltage rating and agency listings—in an easy-to-read format. The new label design also allows users to see important information on each bolt-on fuse regardless of its installed position.
The Bussmann division has developed a variety of tools including counter mats, posters, application charts and web apps—to help deliver the benefits of the new program. These reference tools provide an overview of what fuses and protection levels can be utilized for a range of applications from interior lighting to transformers and HVAC blowers to elevator control centers.