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BCA & BMA Series Add-a-pole Fuse Blocks

1-, 2 and 3-pole fuse blocks for use with Class CC fuses
(BCA Series use Cooper Bussmann® LP-CC, KTK-R, and FNQ-R), or with standard 13⁄32" x 1 1⁄2" fuses
(BMA Series use Cooper Bussmann® KTK, FNQ, FNM, BAF, PV and AGU)
Both Series use an "adder block" to form multi-pole segmented blocks to achieve the desired number of poles.
Poles: 1 to 3.
Wire Range: #10-#18 Cu only.
Terminals: Screw/quick connect* or pressure plate/quick connect*.

Volts: 600Vac/dc
Amps: 1⁄10-30A
BCA Series-200kA RMS Sym.
BMA Series-10kA RMS Sym.
Agency Information:
BCA Series: CE, UL Listed, UL 4248, Guide IZLT, File E14853. CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 4248, Class 6225-01, File 47235.
BMA Series: CE, UL Recognized, UL 4248, Guide IZLT2, File E14853. CSA Certified, C22.2 No. 4248, Class 6225-01, File 47235.
Flammability Rating: UL 94V0
*Quick connect rated for 20A maximum.

Catalog Numbers
Amps  Poles Terminal Type
Pressure Plate with Quick Connect*

Screw with Quick Connect*

1/10 to 30 Adder BCA603ASQ BCA603APQ
1 BCA6031SQ BCA6031PQ
2 BCA6032SQ BCA6032PQ
3 BCA6033SQ BCA6033PQ
1 BMA6031SQ BMA6031PQ
2 BMA6032SQ BMA6032PQ
3 BMA6033SQ BMA6033PQ

Dimensions in ± 0.015" (mm 0.38mm)

Fuse blocks feature a unique adder block which can be snapped onto 1-, 2-, or 3-pole blocks to form multi-pole segmented blocks of as many poles as desired.