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170E,Square Body High Speed DC Fuse 2000Vdc 10-125A

High speed fuses for the protection of DC circuits in equipment.
Volts:  1200Vdc
Amps:  160-420A
IR:  1200Vdc = 100kA L/R: 15 ms.
Agency Information: Consult Cooper Bussmann OR Bolfmax.
Electrical Characteristics
Arc Voltage
This curve gives the peak arc voltage, UL, which may appear across the fuse during its operation as a function of the applied working voltage Eg.
Power Losses
Watts loss at rated current is given in the electrical characteristics. The curve allows the calculation of the power losses at load currents lower than the rated current. The correction factor, Kp, is given as a function of the RMS load current, Ib, in % of the rated current.
Features and Benefits
• Excellent DC performance
• Low arc voltage and low energy let-through (I2t)
• Low watts loss
• Superior cycling capability
Typical Applications
• DC common bus
• DC drives
• Power converters/rectifiers
• Reduced voltage starters

Catalog Numbers
Fuse Type Cat. Number Electrical Characteristics
-SKN/246 Type K Indicator Rated Voltage Rated Current RMS-Amp Watt Loss (W)
1*SKN/246 170E3976 2000Vdc 10A 7
170E3970 16A 11
170E3950 20A 13
170E3951 25A 17
170E3952 32A 22
170E3953 40A 27
170E3954 50A 34
170E3955 63A 43
170E3956 80A 50
170E3937 20A 13
170E3938 25A 16
170E3939 32A 20
170E3940 40A 25
170E3941 50A 32
170E3942 63A 40
170E3943 80A 51
170E3944 100A 64
170E3945 125A 80

Dimensions (mm):

Data Sheet: 170K4538 - Microswitch: 170H0239, 170H3030 (gold)
Data Sheet: 170K4900 - Microswitch: 170H0239, 170H3030 (gold)

Time-Current Curve

Peak Let-Through Curve