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PDB series of Power Distribution Blocks

• High short-circuit current ratings up to 200kA. These PDBs do not have to be the weak link in achieving high SCCR for an industrial control panel
• Listed to UL 1953 which has minimum spacing requirements at 600V of at least 1” through air and 2” over surface required for feeder in UL 508A Industrial Control Panels
• For 2D CAD drawings contact Bolfmax.

• UL Listed 1953, Guide QPQS, File E256146

• 600Vac/dc (UL 1953)
• Short-circuit current ratings up to 200kA, see table
• Wire range 14 AWG to 350 kcmil Cu
• Spacing between uninsulated opposite polarities or ground meets UL 1953 which requires at least 1” through air and 2” over surface
• Ratings available with circuit breakers

• Panel mount
• Flammability, UL 94V0
• Tin-plated Al connectors suitable for Cu conductors

Optional covers
Covers are ordered for each individual pole, i.e., three 1-pole covers for 3-pole block, see table A.
Except PDB321 blocks have one cover for 1, 2 or 3 pole versions, see table B.

Table A                                             Table B
Block                      Cover                 Block             Cover
PDB2XX-(pole): CPB162-1            PDB321-1   CPDB-1
PDB3XX-(pole): CPDB-1                PDB321-2   CPDB-2
                                                             PDB321-3   CPDB-3

Catalog Numbers

Ampacities 75ºC per NEC® Table 310.16 and UL508A Table 28.1
* Class G 60A (SC-60) or less or Class CC 30A (LP-CC-30, FNQ-R-30_SP, KTK-R-30) or less are suitable for all these SCCR in this table.
† Higher SCCR may be available, check data sheet 1149.