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KWS-R 600Vac/dc Class RK1 Limitron® Fast-acting Fuses

Fast-acting, current-limiting fuse.
Volts: 600Vac (or less); 600Vdc (20-600A)
Amps: 1-600A
IR: 200kA RMS Sym. AC; 100kA DC
Agency Information:
CE, Std. 248-12, Class RK1, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E54273.
Features and Benefits
• Current limitation for non-inductive circuits provides Class RK1 current-limiting response to maximum ground fault an short-circuit conditions.
• 200kA interrupting rating provides high ratings at all circuit locations.
• Economical solutions for applications with high available short-circuit current.
Typical Applications
• Photovoltaic systems
• Inverters
• Panelboards
Catalog Numbers (Amps)
KWS-R-1 KWS-R-15 KWS-R-60 KWS-R-200
KWS-R-2 KWS-R-20 KWS-R-70 KWS-R-225
KWS-R-3 KWS-R-25 KWS-R-80 KWS-R-250
KWS-R-4 KWS-R-30 KWS-R-90 KWS-R-300
KWS-R-5 KWS-R-35 KWS-R-100 KWS-R-350
KWS-R-6 KWS-R-40 KWS-R-125 KWS-R-400
KWS-R-8 KWS-R-45 KWS-R-150 KWS-R-500
KWS-R-10 KWS-R-50 KWS-R-175 KWS-R-600


Time-Current Characteristic Curves—Average Melt

Current Limitation Curves