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SC series Class G Fast-acting and Time-delay Fuses

Description: Current-Limiting, Fast-acting (1⁄2-6A), time-delay (7-60A)fuse.

Volts: 600Vac (1⁄2-20A); 480Vac (25-60A); 170Vdc (1⁄2-20A); 300Vdc (30 & 60A only)
Amps: 1⁄2-60A
IR: 100kA RMS Sym. 10kA DC

Agency Information: CE, Std. 248-5, Class G, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified, Class 1422-01, File 53787.

Features and Benefits
• Current limiting for component protection, providing Class G energy-limitation for branch circuit protection.
• 100kA interrupting rating provides cost-effective branch pcircuit fusing.
• Variations in length help prevent overfusing.

Typical Applications
• Fusible Branch Panelboards
• HVAC Branch Circuit Protection

General Information:
• Compact branch-circuit units with high interrupting rating and current-limitation.
• With 600V rating, they can be used in 120/208, 120/240 and 277/480V circuits.
• Length variations relative to case size make the “rejection” type fuses.
• In general, SC fuses are about ⁄Ω£ the size of the 600V NEC fuse type.
• SC fuses with ampere ratings above 6A have a degree of overload time-delay which permits them to pass temporary overloads. At 200% load, they have a minimum opening time of 12 seconds.

Dimensions -in (mm)
Fuse Amps  Length  Diameter 
SC-1/2 to 15  1.31 (33.3)  0.41 (10.4) 
SC-20  1.41 (35.8)  0.41 (10.4) 
SC-25 to 30  1.62 (41.2)  0.41 (10.4) 
SC-35 to 60  2.25 (57.1)  0.41 (10.4) 

Catalog Numbers (Amps)
SC-1/2  SC-4  SC-10  SC-35 
SC-1  SC-5  SC-12  SC-40 
SC-1-1/2  SC-6  SC-15  SC-45 
SC-2  SC-7  SC-20  SC-50 
SC-2-1/2  SC-8  SC-25  SC-60 
SC-3  SC-9  SC-30   

Time-Current Characteristic Curves - Average Melt

Current Limitation Curves

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