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NON and NOS One-Time General Purpose Fuses

NON (250Vac/125Vdc) Class K5 & H
NOS (600Vac) Class K5 & H

Description: General purpose, non-current-limiting fuses.

NON: 250Vac; 125Vdc (0-100A)
NOS: 600Vac
Amps: 1/8-600A
50kA RMS Sym. (NON & NOS Class K5 0-60A)
10kA RMS Sym. (NON & NOS Class H65-600A)
50kA @ 125Vdc (NON Class K5 0-60A)
10kA @ 125Vdc (NON Class H 65-100A)

Agency Information: CE, UL Listed – 250V: Class K5 (0-60A), Std. 248-9, Class H (65-600A), Std. 248-6, (125Vdc: NON 0-100), 600V: Class K5 (0-60A), Std. 248-9, Class H (70-600A), Std. 248-6, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified – 250V: (0-12, 65-600)†, 600V: (0-600), Class 1421-01, File 53787.
† For CSA Certified 15-60A Ratings, see PON Data Sheet 4126

General Information:
• Protect lighting, heating and other circuits not subject to temporary surges and where available short-circuit currents are relatively low.
• ONE-TIME fuses do not have any appreciable degree of timedelay and thus should not be specified in circuits where large transients or motor overloads occur. Use Buss FUSETRON® or LOW-PEAK® dual-element, time-delay fuses.
• For general purpose circuits, size at ampere rating of circuit.
• For motor circuits, size at 300% to 400%.

Features and Benefits
• Original fuse providing circuit protection.

Typical Applications
• Light Duty Circuit Locations


Catalog Numbers - NON ONE-TIME (250Vac)
NON-1/8 NON-3 NON-12 NON-65 NON-200
NON-1/2 NON-3-2/10 NON-15 NON-70 NON-225
NON-3/4 NON-4 NON-20 NON-75 NON-250
NON-8/10 NON-5 NON-25 NON-80 NON-300
NON-1 NON-6 NON-30 NON-90 NON-350
NON-1-1/4 NON-6-1/4 NON-35 NON-100 NON-400
NON-1-1/2 NON-7 NON-40 NON-110 NON-450
NON-1-6/10 NON-8 NON-45 NON-125 NON-500
NON-2 NON-9 NON-50 NON-150 NON-600
NON-2-1/2 NON-10 NON-60 NON-175  

Carton Quantity and Weight - NON ONE-TIME (250Vac)
Catalog Number Carton Qty. Weight**
Lbs. Kg.
NON 1/8-30 10 0.38 0.172
NON 35-60 10 1 0.453
NON 65-100 5 0.79 0.358
NON 110-200 1 0.79 0.358
NON 225-400 1 1.65 0.748
NON 450-600 1 2.76 1.251
NON -(1/8-60) is rated at 125Vdc with 50,000 AIC Rating.
NON -(65-100) is rated at 125Vdc with 10,000 AIC Rating.
**Weight per carton.

Catalog Numbers - NOS ONE-TIME (600Vac)
NOS-1 NOS-9 NOS-40 NOS-100 NOS-300
NOS-2 NOS-10 NOS-45 NOS-110 NOS-350
NOS-3 NOS-12 NOS-50 NOS-125 NOS-400
NOS-4 NOS-15 NOS-60 NOS-150 NOS-450
NOS-5 NOS-20 NOS-70 NOS-175 NOS-500
NOS-6 NOS-25 NOS-75 NOS-200 NOS-600
NOS-7 NOS-30 NOS-80 NOS-225  
NOS-8 NOS-35 NOS-90 NOS-250  

Carton Quantity and Weight - NOS ONE-TIME (600Vac)
Catalog Number Carton Qty. Weight**
Lbs. Kg.
NOS 1–30 10 1.45 0.657
NOS 35–60 10 2.6 1.179
NOS 70–100 5 2.8 1.27
NOS 110–200 1 1.24 0.562
NOS 225–400 1 3.03 1.374
NOS 450–600 1 4.63 2.1
**Weight per carton.

Time-Current Characteristic Curves - Average Melt

Time-Current Characteristic Curves - Average Melt