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200A Fusible Disconnect Switches


For a complete assembly, please select one of each:
1 switch



1 handle
1 shaft
1 terminal lug kit

200 Amp Switches, 600V
Poles UL general purpose amp rating UL fuse type 600V Maximum horsepower rating Catalog number
Three phase
200V 208V 240V 480V 600V
3 200 J 50 60 125 150 CFD200J03
4 CFD200J04

Accessories for 200A Fusible Disconnect Switches

Pistol handles - 0.24" x 0.24 "( 6 x 6mm)

UL/NEMA type IEC type Color Length in/mm Marking Defeatable Padlockable Weight(lbs) Catalog number
1,3R,12 IP65 Black 2.6/65 O/I & Off/On Yes 0.29 BDH58
Red/Yel BDH59
Black 3.1/80 0.3 BDH60
Red/Yel BDH61
1,3R,4,4X,1 Black CDHXB86
1,3R,4,4X,12 Red/Yel CDHXY86

Shafts - 0.24" x 0.24 "( 6 x 6mm)
Shaft length(in/mm) Mounting dept(in) Weight(lbs) Catalog number
5.9/150 5.5-8.5 0.09 BDS150
8.3/210 8-11 0.13 BDS210
11.4/290 11-14.0 0.18 BDS290
14.2/360 13.8-16.8 0.23 BDS360
16.9/430 16.5-19.7 0.27 BDS430

Twisted shafts - rotates handle 45  - 0.24" x 0.24 "( 6 x 6mm)
Shaft length(in/mm) Mounting dept(in) Weight(lbs) Catalog number
5.1/130 4.8-7.8 0.08 BDST4
8.3/210 8-11.0 0.13 BDST25
11.4/290 11-14.0 0.18 BDST29
14.2/360 13.8-16.8 0.23 BDST30

Direct mount handle - mounts directly to switch, no shaft necessary
Nema Type Color Marking Padlockable Weight(lbs) Catalog number
1 Black O/I Yes 0.1 CDHSB20
Red/Yel 0.3 CDHSY20

Terminal Lug Kits
For use on: Wire Size Wire Type Description Terminal lugs per kit Weight(lbs) Catalog number
CFD200J03 CFD200J04 #4-300kcmil   6 0.5 CDTL200
#4-300kcmil   3 0.25 CDTL200/3P
(6)14-6 AWG Cu/Al Distribution lug 3   CDTL206

Auxiliary Contacts
Description For use on: Weight(lbs) Catalog number
1 N.O. CFD200J03,CFD200J04 0.07 CDAUX10

Module for auxililary contacts
  Description Weight(lbs) Catalog number
Screw mounting to the left side of the switch 0.1 CDAUXM28
Mounting on the left side of the switch: max.8 auxiliary contact blocks with the CDAUXM28
Mounting under the mechanism cover: max.4 auxiliary contact blocks

Replacement parts
  Description For use on: Catalog number
Fuse cover CFD200J03,CFD200J04 CFCVR200
Phase barrier CPBR200


For use on: Description Number of poles Weight(lbs) Catalog number
CFD200J03, CFD200J04 Long type 3 0.2 CDSS200L3
Short type 3 0.13 CDSS200S3
Long type 4 0.26 CDSS200L4
Short type 4 0.18 CDSS200S4

Terminal poles
  Description Weight(lbs) AC thermal amp rating AC rated voltage Catalog number
Detachable neutral mounts on side of switch or DIN 0.88 200 600 CDD200P

Locking accessories
Description Weight(lbs) Catalog number
Cam attachment for Kirk Key,Castell,Lowe & Fletcher and Ronis interlock, Cam attachment for adapting to the interlock system.The interlock is not included. 0.25 CDETL-ZW16

Shaft extension coupler
Description For use on: Weight(lbs) Catalog number
Joins two shafts together for applications where extended length is required 6mm shafts 0.26 BDZX167
12mm shafts BDZX95

Shaft adapter
Description For use on: Catalog number
Adapts one end of a 6mm shaft to 12mm.Use with shaft extension coupler. 6mm shafts CDZK19

conversion mechanisms
Description Weight(lbs) UL/NEMA type Catalog number
6 and 8 pole 1.52 - BDZW2