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DFJ Class J,Drive Fuse High Speed Fuses

DFJ Class J
Description: High speed, current-limiting fuse.
The Cooper Bussmann® Drive Fuse will provide maximum protection for AC and DC drives and controllers and meet NEC® branch circuit protection requirements. The Drive Fuse has the lowest I2t of any branch circuit fuse to protect power semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and SSRs.
Dimensions: See page 15 for Class J dimensions.
Construction: Melamine tube with silver fuse element.

Volts: 600Vac (or less), 450Vdc (or less)
Amps: 1-600A
IR: 200kA RMS Sym., 100kA DC
Agency Information: CE, Std. 248-8, Class J, UL Listed, Guide JDDZ, File E4273, CSA Certified, Class 1422-02, File 53787.

Features and Benefits
• Easily coordinated with existing and new variable speed drives and electric controllers.
• Standard Class J dimensions allowing the use of readily available fuse blocks, holders, and switches.
• Allows the lowest let-thru energy of any branch circuit overcurrent protective device.

Typical Applications
• Protection of ac & dc drives
• Equipment using power semi-conductor devices

Catalog Numbers (Amps)
DFJ-1 DFJ-15 DFJ-70 DFJ-225
DFJ-2 DFJ-20 DFJ-80 DFJ-250
DFJ-3 DFJ-25 DFJ-90 DFJ-300
DFJ-4 DFJ-30 DFJ-100 DFJ-350
DFJ-5 DFJ-35 DFJ-110 DFJ-400
DFJ-6 DFJ-40 DFJ-125 DFJ-450
DFJ-8 DFJ-45 DFJ-150 DFJ-500
DFJ-10 DFJ-50 DFJ-175 DFJ-600
DFJ-12 DFJ-60 DFJ-200  

Time-Current Characteristic Curves—Average Melt

Current Limitation Curves